SIGMA Portfolio Management and Real Estate Consultant LLC.


SIGMA Portfolio Management and Real Estate Consultant LLC was founded in September 2001 to handle real estate agency activities primarily for the FOTEX Group, and for other third party Hungarian and future international real estate investors, leaseholders and property traders.

The main activities of SIGMA LLC

Retail properties

  • - to let retail units and shopping centers representing the main part of the property portfolio of FOTEX Group in Budapest and in major cities such as Győr, Sopron, Zalaegerszeg, Pécs, Kaposvár, Veszprém, Szeged, Debrecen, Miskolc
  • - to let the retail units of SUGÁR Shopping Mall
  • - sales and rental agency for other retail shops


  • - to let offices in Budapest and other major cities (Győr, Miskolc)
  • - sales agent for office buildings

Warehouses / Logistical properties

  • - to lease warehouses in Budapest and its surroundings as well as in other major Hungarian cities (such as: Győr, Szombathely, Zalaegerszeg, Nagykanizsa, Szeged, Kecskemét, Gyöngyös, Debrecen, Miskolc)
  • - sales agent for warehouses

Tenant representation

Land for development

  • - sales agent of land suitable for development

Real Estate Investment consultancy

Market research

The main challenge of the company is the economic development (through leasing) of the FOTEX Group's significant real estate portfolio. This portfolio consists mainly of retail outlets and the Sugár Shopping Mall; as well as office buildings, warehouses and new, currently undeveloped real estate plots. The activities of SIGMA covers Budapest and almost all major cities in Hungary. 
In accordance with its goals, SIGMA shows significant results mainly in leasing retail units being one of the market leaders in this field. Thanks to its distinctively widespread portfolio, SIGMA is able to provide to local and international retailers a variety of properties from smaller retail units of 100 square meters in size to giant shopping malls of thousands of sq meters not to mention warehouses all around the country. 
SIGMA's staff has significant knowledge and many years of experience both on the local and international real estate markets covering all segments of the real estate business. SIGMA has achieved significant results in letting retail stores and has been able to become a leading consultancy firm within this segment of the market. SIGMA continuously follows and monitors the changes of the property market being an active and acknowledged member of the Hungarian real estate business association.
In the near future the company intends to expand its property related services beyond the GROUP's more than one hundred thousands square meters of buildings and developable in-town plots to other new clientele, assisting in the purchase of properties and buildings; while also attempting to extend its activities internationally into the realm of international real estate transactions.

Our availability

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